Sam Lawler

"Sam:Breathing Space is bridging the gap between talking about how individuals and communities can benefit from education, financial stability, and contribute to themselves and society and flat out MAKING IT HAPPEN.

Their dedicated and inclusive team recognizes that there is no "us verses them".

In order to live and work peacefully together in a thriving world we have to do just that. I'm honored to be a part of it."

Christopher Osorio



Chris: When i thought I had lost all love for humanity, there was one man who came to my rescue: Ray Rios. Ray gave me another chance in life, a place to stay, a job, food and the tools to rebuild my life. .


Breathing Space has granted me the abilty to start my own venture with "Space in the Attik".  I started an online thrift store, to help the Breathing Space community.


Breathing Space also has given me the tools to continue my love of  Graphic Design. They have given me a computer where i can do my work, clients where i can show people my work, and all the love and support as a true family.


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