Ray and Mikei independence day 2018
Ray driving mli truck 2019
Angel working MLI
Ray working MLI 3
MLI Carl Banks event
Current working Loc Breathing Space Inc._scimap_scg-webfe310433249958
Breathingspace 89 dryer rd
Winter at BSI
Winter at BSI
Winter at BSI
Welcoming meal at BSI
Camp grounds at BSI
Ray working
Cmp avp-community space
Camp colombo joe
Angel Rides @ cmp colombo
cmp colombo 2
BSI Work crew_camp
Working @ Cmp
Night view Cmp
Mix vegtables logo
BSI Grapes
Breathing Space wine
End of year
Mera  & Ray
Entertaining guest
Entertaining guest
supporting our Veteran
About Us

Founded in 2012, Breathing Space is working to create a world in which all people matter and those who were formerly incarcerated can become contributing, positive members of our society. We are an organization that encourages entrepreneurial businesses that sustain communities and works on the re-invigoration of our most valuable resource: PEOPLE.

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